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Information about Google Domains Registrar (Beta)

Important Information about Google Domains and its Beta status, features, and a whole lot more.

Google Domains, one of the newest registrars, started to offer its services at mid of July last year. Back then, we were having troubles finding related information about the details of the features that they can offer to targeted consumers and domain operators. Google Domains, however, gradually disclosed some interesting aspects and variety of features.

In January 13, 2015, Google Domains publicly launched in the United States but the brand remains under beta status. The tech giant sustained its domain registration business with minimal but fully tested features such as email forwarding, domain forwarding, easy service integration thru its synthetic resource records, etc.

Information about Google Domains Registrar (Beta)
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It's a fact that Google Domains is a robust domain registration entity but so far it doesn't offer web hosting services nor email hosting yet. Nonetheless, the silicon valley company has what it takes to be a reliable registrar.