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Learn How To Create Friends Day Video Using the Latest Facebook App

Do you want to learn how to create a fantastic friends day video using the latest Facebook app that was recently annnounced by the largest social networking site in the world?

Facebook revealed it's newest feature called Friends Day video app which allows internet users to create clips using their previously uploaded photos or by choosing their preferred batch of pictures. Though the team of Mark Zuckerberg came up with this idea in line with the 13th birthday of Facebook, the founder of the successful online community emphasized that its main purpose is to allow people to instantly connect with their friends thru videos.

Regardless of the real intention of the feature, we think that it's no longer our business. Let's leave that to them and let us focus in learning to create friends day video without any hassle. We have a detailed tutorial below for your reference.

Here are the simple steps to design and build your friends day video. Take note that not all of the community members will have a direct access to the video.

First thing that you need to do is to visit the official URL of the app to privately view your video. There are two possible scenarios which will display corresponding steps that you need to execute: (1)a message on the button that tells you to "Request Video" or (b) a message that reads;

"We're celebrating friendship on Facebook's 13th birthday, so we made you this video about you and your friends."

Either of the situations above, simply follow the necessary actions to proceed to the next window. Both prompts are quite self-explanatory. By the way, requesting the video may take 5 minutes or more before you will receive the notification telling you that your video is now ready for viewing.

Once you fully gain access to the link of the video, you can now choose to either (1)Edit Video or (2)Share Video. These buttons are created on purpose. 

The first allows you to alter the initial photos included in the suggested video content, which can be viewed at the right hand section of your computer screen. After you click "Edit Video", you can browse some existing photos from your Facebook albums or you can also upload a new batch of photos from your computer. When you are done modifying your video, click "Share video" button. Next, you will define the audience whom you like to have view access of your friends day video then click "post".

Learning how to create friends day video via the Facebook app page is very simple. We believe that you can personalize your clip in a matter of seconds using our tutorial. So, what are you waiting for? Log in to your Facebook account and create your own friends day video and share it to the world!