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HOW:Step by Step Facebook Year in Review 2016 Video Creation

Facebook officially announced the release of "Year in Review" feature that allows all users to build a collection of posts or photos then convert it to an amazing video! This latest functionality created a buzz on social media.

The newest feature of the largest social networking website in the world caught the attention of the netizens when several people started to share their happy memories in 2016. The surprise release of the year in review immediately became a trend among teenagers and adults.

Do you want to know the step by step procedure in creating a stunning Facebook year in review video?

We made the following guide to help those people who are not yet familiar on how to create your year in review 2016 video. The steps are plain and very easy to follow. You don't need to be a video or graphics editor to come up with a beautiful clip.

HOW:Step by Step Facebook Year in Review 2016 Video Creation

The most important part before you begin editing your video is to visit the official homepage of Facebook year in review which is available on this link.

Once you are on the year in review page, you have to click on "request video" button so you can proceed to the next step. After hitting the button on the page, you will get a message that says:

[Your name], we wanted to give you a chance to look back at your year.
It should only be a few minutes now! We'll send you a notification when your video is ready.

It won't give you an exact time nor an estimated timeframe as to when you will receive the notification but from our actual test, you just have to wait for around 2 to 3 minutes.

Once you received the notification alert, you will be directed to a page which has two options (1)Edit Video and (2)Share Video. By default, there's already a set of photos and messages captured from your wall statuses covering the year 2016. If you don't like to review the content of the clip, you can simply go ahead and share your year in review video.

For those who would like to make further revision of the content, just click on "Edit Video". It will proceed to the next page which will let you delete/replace the messages and photos.

Once your done editing your video, you can now share the video to either your targetted circle of friends or to the entire community. Some people chose to share their year in review video to limited number of Facebook friends since there are sensitive contents in it.

There you go, the steps we mentioned above are pretty easy to follow. Use it as your guide to create your Facebook year in review so you can share your memorable success stories to the world.